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With Cotopaxi’s commitment to using recycled materials in their products, you don’t just look the part—you’re doing your part. Feel good wearing Cotopaxi. Feel like a Garbage Person

Jacket Billboard.gif

We wanted to create an eye-catching digital banner.

Cotopaxi’s logo is a llama, and no other creature is silly enough to explain what it means to be a Garbage Person.


Plus, he looks so good in that Cotopaxi jacket, right?

For our socials, we wanted to play into editorial language while maintaining the fun, adventurous vibe of Cotopaxi. 

A Garbage Person takes their trash and turns it into something new. Like these wild, OOH llama-rific art pieces made entirely of preexisting materials.

smaller kite image .png

We wanted our activation to be focused on the future and making sure the Earth is still beautiful for our future generation. A next generation of Garbage People.


CW: Bonnie Davis & Kirsten Alberts
AD: Zoe Bendoff

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