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Dungeons & Dragons

With over 50 million D&D players in the world, you never know who you could roll with.

Find your people. Find your realm.

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By plucking characters out of D&D and placing them in real life settings, we wanted to say "a fellow adventurer can be anywhere."


With OOH focused on the commuter experience, where you never really know who you're passing by.

Playing on the photo-op Nashville mural, we wanted to create an equivalent for the D&Der in all of us.

Featuring the sub-head "Dungeons & Dragons has connected over 50 million adventurers worldwide."

Next, we will be setting up booths in busy cities and ren faires. D&D players can feel comfortable showing their true form and playing amongst their people.

Our app - Dungeons & Discovery - will allow players to find other D&Ders out in the open. A D20 will appear over their head if they also roll that way.


Our social activation will be a live show! Marketing on the success of D&D podcasts like Adventure Zone and Critical Roll, we take celebrities from all different fields and throw them into an epic streaming campaign.

CW: Bonnie Davis & Meg Rai & Sam Simcox
AD: Anthony Gosling

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