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Ya gotta laugh

Between high school and college, I took a gap year and studied improv at UCB theater in NYC (RIP). I then found out about a college in Chicago that offered comedy/television writing classes. I made my move to the midwest in 2015 and spent years studying comedy and writing at Columbia College Chicago and Second City. So basically, Clown College.


I still perform sketch and improv throughout the city with my team "Breastmilk."

Anyway, here's some of my work! Check it out :)


Don't you hate it when the rat is a rat. Like Ratatouille but more Italian.

Some tweens smoke weed for the first time in a funhouse, what could go wrong?!?

The Princeton lads are having a boat race! How delightful!


A little chef finds a mysterious cookbook in the forest. I mean, she's not gonna not cook with it.

The gang goes to night school. Uh yeah...let's just say hijinks occur.

Guess who isn't affected by a zombie apocalypse? A cruise liner in the middle of the sea.

What People are Saying


Sarah, Friend

"Bonnie is so funny and I love her but she does owe me $50 from when we went to a novelty store and she forgot her wallet and she said she needed the Sheldon bobble head. Yeah, like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.
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