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Gen Z is having trouble entering the workforce. Between impossible experience requirements and AI filters, it’s never been harder. Which is why Kraft has decided to keep the comfort going into adulthood and offer kids a real line of experience on their resumes. Because we all have some Kraft Macsperience.

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Here's the recipe for success!

Put "Kraft Taste Tester" on your resume, stack up that delicious experience, and wait for the interviews to roll in.


To start our Macsperience journey, we felt that college campuses are the natural place to get the word out for upcoming grads and job hunters.

Next, we've taken things to social to make sure all graduates are aware of their previous experience.

We're even dishing out real experience at the KMC Summer Internship. Current Mac lovers and future job professionals will test all the flavors…and their mac limits.

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